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Local Rules


1, Out of bounds – Beyond any boundary fence, hedges and white posts to the right of the 1st and 4th, the practice ground and safety net protecting the 17th green, practice putting green and behind the 18th and the club car park. Also the fairways and beyond of the 13th from 6th, the 12th from the 7th, the 10th from the 9th and the 14th from the 13th.


2, Penalty Areas – Yellow/Red penalty areas marked with appropriate colours (Rule 17)


3, Staked Trees – Relief to be taken from staked trees nearest point of relief and one club length without penalty.


4, Stakes – Immovable obstructions (yellow/Red/White). Moveable obstructions (yardage & fog markers). Immovable = if the ball lies within the hazard NO RELIEF. If the ball lies outside the hazard and the post interferes with your stance or swing relief may be taken – nearest point one club length. Interference by OOB post, not in play on the hole in question, relief may be taken under immovable obstruction rule.


5, Embedded Ball – An embedded ball “General Area” except in sand relief can be taken without penalty.


6, Sprinklers – Abnormal course conditions (Rule 16).


7, Cart Tracks and Paths – A ball lying or stance thereon may be lifted and dropped within one club length, not nearer the hole, without penalty.


8, Ground under Repair – Play is prohibited from ground under repair and relief must be taken (rule 25-1). Ground under repair (GUR) indicated by white lines and/or local signs.


9, Chain Link Fence – The link chain fence joining the out of bounds stakes behind the 18th green are movable obstruction.


10, Cracks on the Course – If your ball lies on a crack “General Area” relief can be taken.


11, Drainage Lines – Where a ball comes to rest through the green and a drainage line interferes with either the stance or swing of a player the player may to take relief without penalty at the nearest point, no nearer the hole.


12, Abnormal Course Conditions – If a lining within a bunker has appeared above the surface of the sand or is such that it interferes with the swing or stance of the player's intended shot, then the player may, without penalty, take relief at the nearest point but still within the bunker. If relief is taken outside the bunker then it shall be taken under penalty of one stroke.


13, Bridges over Penalty Areas – The ball is in the penalty area. The bridge is an immovable obstruction there is no relief without penalty.


14, Distance Measuring Devices – Are allowed, except applications on mobile phones or any other multi functional device are not permitted on the course. In accordance with the bye-laws of the club. Rule violation is disqualification.


15 Board competition - Entrants are forbidden to play any other form of golf or practice on the course prior to the event. Penalty for breach of rule: Disqualification.