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Playing Information

Adverse Weather

Play during adverse weather conditions

The Office is authorised to suspend play for adverse weather conditions such as fog or lightning. The office will sound FOUR BLASTS of the foghorn to suspend play. If and when the weather has improved, the office will then sound THREE BLASTS of the foghorn again for play to recommence.


All persons are advised that it is their personal responsibility to protect themselves in the event of lightning occurring in the vicinity of the Golf Course by immediately discontinuing play and seeking shelter in the Clubhouse. If this is not possible and you are in the open, you should move away from your golf clubs and buggies if in use. If your shoes have metal spikes, take them off. Keep away from tall trees and water and avoid high ground. Shelter in low-lying areas and keep several metres apart from fellow players.


Play shall not commence or if underway, shall stop when visibility is reduced to less than 250 yards. A distinctive black and white marker post is situated on the right of the 10th fairway 250 yards from the Clubhouse flag pole. If this marker post is not visible no play shall commence.

Adverse weather during competitions

At the sound of the foghorn, players should discontinue play and mark their balls.  Play should only be resumed when the foghorn has been sounded again for play to recommence.  If a player continues playing in a competition after play has been suspended, they can be disqualified.

Cancellation of  Competitions due to adverse weather can only be done by a member of the Competitions Committee or the Captain, with the Captain having the final say.

Burnham on Crouch Golf Club cannot be held responsible for injury caused to persons using the course due to weather conditions that are beyond the control of the Club.